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Read about Kyle Allred – Founder of KBA Web Marketing, a Boutique Local Internet Marketing firm delivering local & worldwide search and social media solutions for Clients throughout the world.

KBA Web Marketing was founded by Kyle Allred in 2010. 

Picture of Kyle Allred And His Family

Kyle Allred Family Kyle Allred is a 5-year veteran of the E-Commerce and Internet Market Industry.

Kyle holds a Bachelor’s of Science with an Emphasis on Aviation Administration from Utah Valley University.

He is a US Army Veteran serving in the Dental Corps from 2000 – 2004.

He founded and continues to manage an e-commerce company, www.RcSuperSales.net 

Kyle has experience building and managing online niche sites, and using search optimization strategies to achieve top rankings for his multiple niche website while also helping businesses create and execute an effective web marketing strategy and Top Rankings online.

Kyle Allred enjoys helping businesses achieve what they want online and making their “dreams and passions” come alive by utilizing the power of the internet.

There has never been another medium which allows businesses to spread their message as quickly, cost effectively, be able to compete in any market, and in front of a targeted audience as the internet allows businesses to do.

Kyle Allred’s only goal with KBA Web Marketing is delivering the most EXTREME amount of value and largest ROI so We Are Your Best Marketing Investment, as we help Increase Your Profits, Leads, and Exposure utilizing the internet.

Toss out your phone books, because Kyle’s prediction is that they will be an artifact in the next 5 years.

KBA Web marketing - Death Of Phone BookWell, as long as business owners keep spending money advertising in them they will be around. But consumers under 50 (and most over 50) are not using them to find a Business selling a product or service in their local area. They use their computer or phones to find businesses. It’s easier and faster! Plus they can read all about the business and see their reviews. Just ask your friends and family when the last time they used their Phone Book. Heck… When was the last time you used a phone book?

More reading about the death of the phone book can be found here at Gizmodo

With the advent of Smart Phones and Tablets, the search dynamics online have changed, and will continue to evolve throughout the years. Kyle Allred makes sure that KBA Web Marketing is always at the forefront of what is happening in the online realm.

Kyle is excited about the continuing possibilities to help business owners navigate the online space and help them gain the rankings they need and deserve.

At KBA Web Marketing you are not just another number, but a real business with real needs. You deal with us directly, and there is always a smiling face that you can guarantee will be greeting you either in person, or on the phone.

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